Sept 29, 2008 New Centiment financial product and partnership with Attivio, Inc.

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Poulin-Hugin Patterns and Predictions Software

c e n t i m e n t ™
The first full turn-key computational linguistics based asset valuation and trading platform.
Patterns and Predictions

Monetizing Market Sentiment
Centiment uses our industry leading Bayesian engine for linguistic classification of text vs any asset, such as a financial security.
More information:

- Centiment Overview: (PPT)

- News (Sept 29, 2008): Attivio partnership : Finance Release

- Product Features: Centiment (pdf)

- Case Study: Sample Portfolio in S&P Futures (pdf)

- Corporate Info: Patterns and Predictions overview (pdf)

- U.S. Patent No. 7,516,050

- Contact:

Chris Poulin
Managing Partner
Patterns and Predictions


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